Welcome to my Brooklyn, NYC, apartment. The decorating progress is slow, but I want to take time to find the right things that last and fit the new aesthetic. Not sure what I’m going for, but all I know is that I don’t want to make it look and feel like everything is from one store. It’s got a modern feel with brick walls, a balcony with lots of light in the morning.

Make sure to come back to this blog post often for any new things that I’ve got and updates. Feel free to shop while you’re here if there are anything that catch your eyes! Links in this blog post are affiliate links, and that just means I will make a commission if you decide to buy anything from my links.

My Brooklyn Apartment


It’s a work-in-progress due to the global supply issues, so please be patient with me. I will come back to this blog post and add more things as I go.


I’ve utilized Havenly design process, and the designer helps me figure out my design style and narrow it down to pieces that I need within my budget. Use code STYLEANDSENSES for 25% off of your Mini & Full Package HERE.

SOFA: Floyd SOFA Sectional – 2-Seater with Left Side Chaise, color Off-white.

Two-tone Linen Pillow Cover (20″x20″), 20″X20″ pillow insertMariposa Pillow Cover (12″x21″), 12″x21″ pillow insert

White sands Pendleton Blanket – Twin size. I have this draped on the sofa and use it as a decor piece only.

SIDE TABLE: Eames Wire Base Low Table

RUG: CB2 Bass Handloomed Rug (coming mid-January) – size 5’x8′

SONO ROAM Bluetooth Speaker

LAMP: Noguchi Akari A10 Lamp – I bought this lamp at the Noguchi Museum store, blog post HERE and Tik Tok video HERE. It’s said sold out online, but you might get lucky if you check it out at the museum store.

SCENTS: Diptyque Figuier/Fig Tree Candle & BAIES/Berries Candle


I work with FRAMEBRIDGE on this, so stay tuned for what’s to come.


noho chair – Color: Ironsand

Fully Desk Frame (without top. Tabletop is purchased separately on IKEA. Link is right below)

  • Frame color: White
  • Desk height: 2 Stage (from 29″ to 48.3″ (without top))
  • Handset: Standard Up/Down Switch
  • Frame width: narrow
  • IKEA white tabletop (47″ x 23.5″)

CURTAIN SETUP: Tension Rod – no drilling required, renter-friendly, great to hang curtains and shower curtain rod 

Linen Curtain – Color white, comes in a variety of lengths and colors 

OLIVE TREE – Mine is size large. HERE

SHOE RACK: Open Spaces Entryway Rack – Color Cream



POTS & PANS: Caraway Cookware Set. I have the Cream & Sage. BLOG POST UNBOXING AND REVIEW HERE.

Le Creuset Gold Knob – If you bake sourdough bread at home using your Le Creuset pot, you’d need to either remove the knob. I’ve replaced the original one with this stainless steel gold knob, and it’s totally safe in the oven.

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven 3 1/2 qt (3-4 serving). Color: Cerise. 


Hario Cold Brew Bottle

FELLOW Stagg EKG Electric Kettle for Pour-over Coffee

CHEMEX & Chemex Paper Filters


KRUPS Grinder (current coffee bean grinder)


PYREX Containers with Air-tight Lids

FERM LIVING Ripple Glass Set

Crate & Barrel glass – I have both, the 10 oz and 16 oz. 

12 oz Square Glass Cup Retro Drinkware 

12 oz Glass Pitcher 

WINE GLASSES: Tour red wine glass 24 oz, Tour 10 oz glass, Edge White Wine Glass, Level White Wine Glass

Brita Water Pitcher 10 Cup, size Large 

Juice/Drink Bottle (same as my cold bre bottle, but lid is white.)

PEPPER MILL: Dusen Dusen Grinder


Mini Grid Ice Trays

Cube Ice Trays

Big Sphere Ice Mold


Cookie Cutters

equal parts Baking Sheet 

Malden Sea Salt Flakes – great as steal and bakery toppers 

Cupcake/muffin pan 

Organic Shaped Bowls – I have both of the 6″ and 8″. 

Cookie Sheet Pan Set – Aluminum Sheet Pan, Silicone Baking Mat & Stainless Steel Cooling Rack 

Duralex Glass Bowls – Set of 10


Bendt Iron Square Basket – perfect to store root veggies, and it can fit a lot! 

Mesh Colanders Set of 5 


Rubber Coated Soap Pump Bottles – I have two by the kitchen sink, one for dish soap and one for hand soap. 

Kitchen Sink Caddy 


Dessert Spoons 

Pyrex Containers – Set of 10 

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray – I have an electric stove top, so this has been handy to keep all surfaces clean.

Simplehuman 35L dual Compartment Trash Can – great for a small apartment like mine since it fits under and inside my apartment’s tiny sink. 


caraway cookware unboxing and one year review an trieu style and senses nyc storage solution lid organizer
caraway cookware unboxing and one year review an trieu style and senses nyc storage solution lid organizer


My dining room is just a corner, not a proper room. There will be framed art to cover the electrical unit and a big Stendig calendar hung on each side of the wall. More updates soon!

George Oliver Dining Table – 40 in

Dining Chairs – Frame Color: Dark Walnut 

KOLBJÖRN Metal Cabinet – It’s currently holding my stationery, office stuff, equipment, boxes, and tools.

SHOE RACK: Open Spaces Entryway Rack – Color Cream 

Stendig Calendar 


Outdoor Portable Table in a Bag

Woods Camping Lounger Chair in a Bag – Color Dijon

REI Camping Chair – Color Sage




AVOCADO Green Mattress – Size Queen with Pillowtop added

AVOCADO Green Pillow – Size Queen

AVOCADO Molded Latex Pillow – Size Queen (my current favorite, the perfect combo for back and side sleeper on the Avocado Green mattress.)

Read my AVOCADO mattress and pillow blog post review HERE. I also have 2 Casper pillows: the Original and the Foam pillow. My partner is a stomach sleeper, and he really likes the foam one.

Mattress Protector

Pact 100% Organic Cotton Bedding Set (old)

Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle in Cream size Queen (current sheets) 
*use code styleandsenses20 for $20 off $100 purchases

TEKLA Linen Sheet

Parachute Fitted Linen Sheet size Queen


Floyd in Birch size Queen and white hardware (I got it secondhand!)


Japanese Futon Mattress – For guests! I got the size queen, so it sleeps 2 – 3 guests. I’ve tested and slept on it for a week, and it’s great. Note that I’m a back sleeper, so it’s got the perfect amount of plush.


Noguchi Akari 1A

GE LED Vintage Light Bulb

Table Lamp Dimmer Switch (6ft extension cord)


Full-Length Floor Mirror – I got the black one since it goes with the interior of this apartment better than gold (my normal color of choice). 

Yamazaki Standing Makeup Mirror – I got the white one from Burke Decor


NORDLI 4-dresser in white



Clothing Rack

MUJI Oak & Stainless Steel Shelf – Mine is the L  (tallest, 4 compartments), Regular version, W22.8″xD16.1″xH69.0″. It also comes in all stainless steel and Wide style. Note that this exact style might not be available online, but check your local MUJI store as they might have it in-store. I got lucky and was able to pick this up at the MUJI store in Hudson Yards in New York.

Velvet Hangers – Slim, set of 100, color Black 

MUJI Acrylic Drawers for Makeup: HERE & HERE 

HAY crates 

HANGING PLANTERS (I have both Beige and Black colors 7 inches)

My Avocado plant vases are both one KINTO: Aqua Culture Two-Part Vase & 7.5 Inch Luna Vase

an trieu brooklyn apartment floyd bed frame birch brooklinen bedding luxe set nyc
an trieu brooklyn apartment floyd bed frame birch brooklinen bedding luxe set nyc


Rylan White Reversible Bath Rug 18″x24″ 

Tosaryu Hinoki Bath Mat


Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

Listerine Gum Therapy Mouthwash

OXO Brush (I use this brush to clean the shower walls, kitchen, and bathroom sink. The bristles are hard, and I like that I can just use one hand to clean everything.) 

Toilet Brush 

Nécessaire shower gel & lotion

Glossier face wash 

Billie Razor & Flamingo Razor (I love and recommend both of them!)

Salux Nylon Wash Cloth 

Callus and Heel Treatment: I love Footlogix products, try this and this.