Ever since my first Compressive Bra & Legging Review, Girlfriend Collective has released so many collections including a new line of performance fabric, called FLOAT. It’s by far my most favorite type of performance fabric that I own, so I am going to review it and share with you all of the FLOAT pieces that I have in my collection.

Make sure to read until the end for care and what I wear under these activewear pieces.

What is FLOAT?

FLOAT, as described on their website, is soft, light, and compressive. FLOAT pieces are made from 90% recycled plastic bottles (RPET) and 10% spandex.

Learn more about their fabric and how things are made: HERE.

How is FLOAT compared to COMPRESSIVE?

Read my COMPRESSIVE review HERE.

I have a few bra and legging styles in both types of fabrics: COMPRESSIVE and FLOAT, and that’s why I can tell you that they are different.


Same size FLOAT bras and leggings look a lot smaller than the COMPRESSIVE pieces when laying flat. Since FLOAT fabric is a lot stretchier, I’m still able to easily put them on and through big parts of my body like the hip and chest. COMPRESSIVE can feel a bit suffocating at times, especially when worn all day, but that doesn’t happen when I wear the FLOAT ones. It is so thin, buttery soft, and incredibly stretchy.

Plus I am not a fan of shiny fabric, and I’m glad to see Girlfriend does these FLOAT pieces in the brushed matte finish. Right up my alley! I’ve washed my FLOAT pieces a few times already, and everything seems to hold up well. Fabric doesn’t lose its integrity, so so far so good!


I think Girlfriend has really nailed it with the fit of these FLOAT pieces, and I’ve got to say I like my FLOAT bra design a lot more than my COMPRESSIVE ones. I really wish they’d make these in more colors and never discontinue them!


If you’d prefer more coverage (thicker fabric) and something that is more winter-appropriate, go for the COMPRESSIVE. FLOAT is a great summer fabric and makes great loungewear pieces to wear at home!

In the end, they all are very different, and I like all of my Girlfriend pieces in my collection! Personally, I think I’m lucky with all of the Girlfriend pieces because size XS fits me like a dream!


Now, let’s get to all of the FLOAT pieces that I own and see how I’ve been able to style them in many different ways. For reference, I am 5ft5. My normal bra size is 32B and jeans size 25.

1. FLOAT Juliet Bra in Black

FLOAT Juliet is described as similar to Girlfriend’s famous and always sold-out Paloma bra. I’d agree because it is flattering on many body types and chest sizes.

Juliet has spaghetti straps and a cross-body back. The black color makes it look and feel more like a bralette, hence I’ve worn it under shirts and sweaters before. I wear it as a top all the time at home and even on hiking trails when it’s hot out. It might be too revealing for some of you, but I don’t mind it at all on certain occasions.

My favorite way to style the Juliet or any of my activewear tops or sports bras is to throw on a button-down. Depending on what season it is, a silk or cotton shirt works for the summer months, and a wool flannel works better in the fall and winter seasons. It’s the easiest way to cover myself up when I need to. Plus it looks effortless, and I can make use of these bras a lot more.

$38 – I’m wearing size XS in Black.
  • Body length: 11 3/4″ from high point on the shoulder (comparable to Paloma Bra length)

  • Double-lined

  • No opening for bra cups insert

  • Sun protection: UPF 50+

SHOP FLOAT JULIET BRA – Available color (left to right): Black, Shadow, Midnight, Fern, and Fig.

2. FLOAT Lola Bra in Midnight

This specific V-neck and race-back design is very flattering on my figure. I have a small chest, and the cut of the Lola gives me cleavage. How incredible!

One thing to note that that the Lola has the least boob coverage compared to all of the bras featured in this post. It fits more like a bralette, and that’s why I can be able to wear it underneath shirts and sweaters just fine. However, it might be a bit too revealing if you have bigger boobs, so make sure to read reviews before purchasing.

Since I bought the bike shorts in the matching color, it makes this my most favorite set to wear. Again, Girlfriend pieces when worn as a matching set, I think, are the cutest thing ever!

$38 – I’m wearing size XS in Midnight.

  • Body length: 11 1/2″ from high point on the shoulder

  • Double-lined

  • No opening for bra cups insert

  • Sun protection: UPF 50+

SHOP FLOAT LOLA BRA – Available color (left to right): Black, Shadow, Midnight, Fern, and Fig. 

3. FLOAT Cleo Bra in Shadow

FLOAT Cleo Bra in Shadow is the newest and latest Girlfriend addition, and it is my most favorite bra in my collection at the moment.

I love the slightly longer length, and that means more coverage for the fall and winter season. When paired with high-waisted leggings or sweatpants, there’s a little bit of skin showing. And I think it’s so cute and different! The halter neck in the front and slightly sporty back design really work together.Plus I don’t have anything like this in my collection. I’m obsessed!

$38 – I’m wearing size XS in Shadow.
  • Body length: 14″ from high point on the shoulder (comparable to Topanga Bra length)

  • Double-lined

  • No opening for bra cups insert

  • Sun protection: UPF 50+

SHOP FLOAT CLEO BRA – Available color (left to right): Black, Shadow, Midnight, Fern, and Fig.

4. FLOAT Seamless Bike Short in Midnight

Please note that I don’t own any FLOAT leggings, but I’m sure they are just as amazing. See how their COMPRESSIVE leggings fit on me, HERE. In that post, I’ve also mentioned the camel toe problem on me with any Girlfriend leggings that are too big. Again, you can wear a thin panty liner or just make sure you get your sizing right.

The Compressive Girlfriend Hi-rise bike shorts are my first ever bike shorts that I own. I’ve had them for almost two years now, and they still fit great. At first, the compressive fabric is a lot more ‘compressive,’ but it gets softer with wear and washes.

These FLOAT bike shorts, on the other hand, are even stretchier and thinner. The ‘compressive’ factor is still there, surprisingly. Compared to the regular Compressive, the FLOAT waistband seems to hit me a bit higher, but that doesn’t bother me at all since the fabric is so soft and thin. It’s incredible, and I do highly recommend these over the Compressive fabric 100%.

$48 – I’m wearing size XS in Midnight.
  • 10 1/4″ rise on size S (for each size up/down, add/subtract 1/2″)

  • 8.5″ inseam

  • Seamless design, no pockets

  • Sun protection: UPF 50+

SHOP FLOAT SEAMLESS BIKE SHORTS – Available color (left to right): Black, Shadow, Midnight, Fern, and Fig.


To take care of it, machine wash cold with like colors and dry flat. I have washed all of my FLOAT pieces a few times (both by machine and hand wash), and they still look and feel like they’re almost new. I always change the washing machine’s setting to a gentle or delicate cycle when washing these activewear pieces, cold always!


The only downside of this incredibly soft and stretchy fabric is the fact that it is pretty thin. You’d have to be mindful of what type of underwear you wear underneath. I highly recommend the no-show invisible seamless underwear, and my favorite is a thong made from polyesters and spandex. If you don’t like thongs, get these underwear pieces because I’ve heard great things about them! I’m in the process of testing it out, so stay tuned for an underwear review blog post.

Avoid anything other materials or ditch your grandma’s underwear because a visible panty line is not a good look!


The fact that there is no bra cup insert possibility (no opening) inside of the bras might be another concern for someone who has a bigger chest. However, I’d rather go for less than more because I’d prefer a natural, go bare kinda look much more than stuffing myself with too much padding. That was me at my teenaged years, but not anymore. I hate padded bras and hate how they look.

If you are busty and would like more coverage in the chest area, get these nippies to wear underneath



I hope this review is helpful. What do you think about Girlfriend’s FLOAT fabric? Which bra style is your favorite? Let me know below and thanks again for reading!


Girlfriend Collective Compressive Bra and Legging Review