Nude underwear is probably not the sexiest thing to shop for, but it is essential.

Nude or flesh-colored underwear helps simplify your dressing process, especially on days when you want to wear something tight or even sheer.

With the right pair, you won’t have to worry about the color showing through, visible panty line, or whether it will cut into your skin which can result in discomfort and underwear dents. Below are some of my tips to shop for nude underwear.

How to Shop for Nude Underwear

and tips to make your nude underwear lasts!
  • Color. Don’t worry about matching nude underwear to your skin tone. Err on the slightly lighter side instead of something that is too dark. The light color looks better under sheer and white clothes. Personally, I don’t mind too much about the nude color since I rarely wear sheer or tight clothes these days, but when I do, I always take a look at myself in the mirror before heading out.

  • Style. My underwear of choice is always a thong since it doesn’t cut my butt cheeks in half like many other styles. Thongs can be uncomfortable for some people or on some occasions such as period days. That is why I always recommend having a few options whatever you heart desires, but thong is my top choice under tight or sheer clothing. Hiphugger would be my next recommendation because the leg openings run past the butt cheeks and won’t be visible under tight clothes.

  • Fabric. My advice is to opt-out of laces. I find that lace underwear is very itchy and does not last. When it comes to tight clothing, go for a soft polyester blend, cotton blend, satin, and some elastane for stretch. Under activewear, I’d personally prefer a thong made from cotton and elastane blend since the fabric is slightly thicker compared to polyester ones. So keep an open mind and try out as many types of fabric to find out what you like.

  • Fit. Get yourself a measuring tape in both inches and centimeters and measure your waist, hip, and widest part of your butts. Make sure to always read the sizing chart on whatever brand website you’re looking at, and this should be something you always want to consider before purchasing anything online. Most underwear is made with stretchy material, so I’d say to read reviews and size up when in doubt.

  • Pantyliner & wet wipes. Pantyliner is basically an absorbent piece of material worn in the gusset of the underwear. It’s like a period pad but much smaller and can be used daily to absorb daily vaginal discharge when you’re on your period or not. Wearing one also helps eliminate camel toe problems under tight leggings or bikini. I use it often but not all the time, only when I know I have to be out all day or when I go to events and need to stay/feel dry. I like these liners for thongs because of the skinny profile.

  • Wet wipes. Besides pantyliner, I always pack along some flushable wet wipes for hikes and long car drives where I know I don’t get frequent access to a water source or clean bathrooms. All of these will help lengthen your nude underwear lifespan, especially when avoiding permanent stains in the gusset of your underwear.

I hope these shopping tips are helpful, and now let’s go through my underwear picks. In this post, I want to focus on nude seamless underwear. There are 4 out of 5 in this list that is thong style, and the one style hip-hugger style happens to be the cheapest. All are under $20.

1. UNIQLO Airism Ultra Seamless Hiphugger

Uniqlo is known for the AIRISM and HEATTECH clothing range. Note that the brand is Japanese, but most of their stuff is made in China or Vietnam.

I picked this Uniqlo Airism Seamless Hiphugger in the color Beige at the Uniqlo store in Bellevue, Washington. Size XS was sold out, so I went for size S.

  • $7.90

  • Materials: 71% Nylon, 29% Spandex, Crotch: 100% Cotton

  • Gusset: ? – I’m guessing it’s cotton material and looks like it’s being glued not sewn in.

  • Fit: very stretchy, so it depends on what you like. I can fit both XS and S.

  • Country of Origin: Made in Vietnam.

  • Care: machine wash cold, gentle cycle

Again, as mentioned above, I don’t mind too much about matching my nude underwear to my skin since I rarely wear anything sheer, white, or too tight. I wear a lot of athletic and activewear, and thong is my preferred style since it doesn’t show through under most of my clothes.

Airism refers to the fabric type that they use, and as the name suggests, it means it is light and breathable. It is moisture-wicking, hence it is odor-control. It feels soft and cool to the touch. I’ve machine-washed and hand-washed this pair, and it still looks like new. Moreover, the seamless raw edges seem to stay in place and do not tear apart nor roll around when I put on leggings or pants in general.

Special note: My only complaint is the fact that this hiphugger has a lot of fabric compared to what I would typically reach for. It is not what I would usually reach for when I go out, but it makes great comfy underwear on period days or on days when I wear slouchy loose-fitting things.

Is it worth $7.90 and would I repurchase this in the future?

YES! It is an excellent buy if you’re looking for something that is not a thong. I love to wear this to sleep with just a comfy T-shirt and will pick it up in more colors soon.

2. Girlfriend Collective Thong in Shell

Since you all know I’m a big fan of Girlfriend Collective, I know I have to include them in this review since I’ve never tried their underwear before. I love that they have the seamless nude-ish thong option but do not love the fact that they only do 3 colors.

  • $14

  • Materials: 80% recycled plastic bottles (RPET) 20% spandex.

  • Gusset: Moisture-wicking COOLMAX® liner

  • Fit: true to size – I’m wearing size XS.

  • Recyclable with ReGirlfriend

  • Country of Origin: Made in Vietnam.

  • Care: machine wash cold with like colors and dry flat.

I love the fit, fabric, and honestly, the color does not look as peachy pink and bright on as compared to what it appears to in person. It washes well, and so far so good!

These are great to wear under leggings because they’ve got the raw hem and a slightly thicker fabric compared to some other underwear in this review. The raw hem stays put and does not roll around even when I wear loose-fitting clothes.

Special note: My only wish is that they would come out with more colors in the future and perhaps design something different since I’m kinda tired of seeing everything raw hem these days.

Is it worth $14 and would I repurchase this in the future?

Yes. These are great options for underwear under activewear, and I’d pick up their briefs and their new highrise thongs next time. I love supporting small brands like Girlfriend that does cute, functional, and ethically made and quality products. I love their recycling program and the fact that they’re a Seattle-based inclusive brand.

3. SKIMS Fits Everybody Cheeky Brief in Clay & Dipped Front Thong in Ochre

While doing research on what underwear brands to include in this review, SKIMS was the strong contender because they’re everywhere on social media these days. In case you don’t know, it’s Kim Kardashian’s brand, and to support a celebrity brand or not, it is all up to you. I’m a fan of their minimal branding, and they seem to nail down nude tones so well. Plus they all seem so comfy and stretchy.

SKIMS’ Fits Everybody range seems to be the most popular due to many positive reviews, so I ended up picking up 3 pairs (3 for $36): Dipped Front Thong in Ochre and Cocoa and Cheeky Brief in Clay.

  • $18

  • Materials: 79% Nylon / 21% Spandex

  • Gusset: ?

  • Fit: true to size – I’m wearing both in size XS.

  • Country of Origin: Made in China.

  • Care: Machine Wash Cold, No Chlorine Bleach, Cool Iron, Do Not Dry Clean

My first impression when seeing and touching the fabric in person is the buttery soft feel. The fabric is incredibly stretchy, and you can test that by stretching it out.

The Cheeky Brief gets a lot more love because it offers more coverage. If you shave or get your bikini hair done like me, go for the Dipped Front Thong. I love that I can pull the sides higher, and I love the look of high waisted underwear. Both are flattering and great to add to your wardrobe.

Special note: Personally, I think they could have done a better job at the side seams since they did dig me into my skin after a long day. Some hair will peek through because the fabric is so soft and thin.

Is it worth $18 and would I repurchase this in the future?

I think $18 is expensive. I will happy to pick up these as a bundle deal, 3 for 36, and will not spend the whole $18 just to get one pair. I love other nude and brown shades, so I will probably gravitate toward those for daily options. They’re not the most luxurious pair of underwear option that I own.

SKIMS offers the largest range of nude-toned underwear I’ve seen. And as you can see in the photos below, both the colors Ochre and Clay work on my skin tone.

Fits Everybody Cheeky Brief in Clay (left)

Dipped Front Thong in Ochre (right)

4. CHANTELLE Soft Stretch Thong in Ultra Nude

CHANTELLE is a French lingerie company that was founded by François Auguste Gamichon in 1876. With 140 years of experience, I trust and believe in this brand because no one else does lingerie as well as the French.

I got the Soft Stretch Thong from the Nordstrom website, and shipping was fast. Note that Nordstrom doesn’t do fancy packaging, and it literally comes in a plastic bag.

    • $20

    • Materials: 80% polyamide, 20% spandex

    • Fit: One size fits all – sizes 4-16

    • Country of Origin: Made in China.

    • Care: Machine wash, line dry

I appreciate the fact that the hem on these is NOT raw! It just feels luxurious, well-made, and quality. It feels and looks expensive on, and this surely makes a great gift. Note that it is a one-size-fits-all, so I’m not sure about the fit on larger sizes.

Special note: As you can see in the photos below, the fabric is a bit too sheer compared to everything else on this list. So note that some hairs might peek through. But again, it’s not too big of a deal since a pantyliner will always do the trick.

Is it worth $20 and would I repurchase this in the future?

Yes, absolutely! This pair makes a great gift, and I cannot wait to add more Chantelle pieces into my wardrobe.

5. COMMANDO Classic Microfibre Thong in Beige

COMMANDO is founded by CFDA member and patent-holder Kerry O’Brien, and they’re known for their microfibre thongs.

I got the Classic Microfibre thong from the Matches Fashion website. I love shopping there because their packaging and shipping are great! Every order will come in their signature marbled box, nicely wrapped in tissue paper, and signed by their employee who packs the order for you.

  • $20

  • Materials: 78% nylon, 22% elastane – patented technical fabric that has a honeycomb construction, 4-way stretch, and high breathability.

  • Gusset: same microfibre fabric

  • Fit: One size fits all sizes 4-16

  • Care: Machine wash, line dry

  • Country of Origin: Italy. Made in USA (cut and sewn)

  • Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), Oeko Tex 100 (fabrics and production of these fabrics do not contain and do not release any harmful substances that can be hazardous to people’s health.), Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), and ISO 14001 (mill meets the environmental management requirements set out in the standards and maintains the principles of sustainable development) certified.

If you care and want to invest in a sustainable brand that uses specialized technical fabric, Commando is the brand to go for. Read more of their fabric certifications, here.

My first impression when trying this particular pair on is the fact that it looks quite sexy on at the front. I love the contour lines and how it curves around the pubic bone. If you get your bikini line done or shaved, all of your hair will be nicely covered. Since I don’t own a lot of low cut underwear, this pair is something different and refreshing.

Because of the fit and how little fabric this has, it doesn’t roll down or get in a way even when putting on super tight leggings. Fabric is soft but not too thin, but some of my hair still occasionally peek through.

Special note: One thing to note is the gusset is made from the same microfibre fabric. You might need to wear a pantyliner if you want to stay fresh all day long. I think the microfibre gusset may help make the underwear more luxurious, but I’d prefer a cotton gusset since it absorbs daily discharge and moisture a bit better.

Is it worth $20 and would I repurchase this in the future?

I absolutely will repurchase and think it is worth $20. The cut and the microfibre fabric are brilliant!

I hope this review is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions, requests, or recommendations on what I should review next in the comment section below. Talk soon!



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