Paradise is one of the most gorgeous areas within the Mt. Rainier area. If Sunrise is the place to be in the summer, and Paradise is amazing in the fall.

To hike Panorama Point, you’d have to arrive at the Paradise Visitor Center in Mt. Rainier National Park. I’d recommend looking up reviews for opening time, trail, and road condition. Note that I don’t snowshoe or ski a lot and avoid any snow activities, but lots of people do get out here in the winter.

Location: Mt. Rainier – Longmire/Paradise

Length: less than 5 mi., roundtrip

Elevation Gain: 1300 ft. Highest Point: 6700 ft.

Parking Pass/Entry Fee: National Park Pass

Similar to Sunrise Point, Paradise had a Visitor building and many hiking trails to start from. Follow the sign for Skyline Trail, the initial grade from the Jackson Visitor Center’s parking lot to Paranoma Point is quite steep. For Glacier Vista, turn left. You’d be standing in front of the commanding view of Mount Rainier and the Nisqually Glacier.

Even though it was late in the fall, I was able to catch a lot of fall foliage, and snow added such amazing contrast.


  • Stop by Jackson Visitor Center, Mt. Rainier National Park, to pick up a map.

  • Always stay on rock-lined paths to help preserve the fragile ecosystem here.

  • Panorama Point has a pit toilet. Make sure to latch the door from the outside when you leave the toilet so wildlife does not mistakenly wander in and become trapped. 

  • Be mindful of others and yield to hikers coming uphill.

  • Wear sturdy shoes

After Paradise, we did drive to Reflection Lake after the hike, but it was such a clear day that there was no cloud. Mountain top reflection on the lake was nowhere to be found, so we left and stopped by Sunrise Visitor Center. We did a quick hike after and made a loop back after Snow Lake.

OUTFIT DETAILS: leggings: Lulu Lemon | socks: SmartWool via REI | windbreaker: Cotopaxi | gray sweater: American Apparel | longsleeved shirt: Brandy Melville | purple hat: Patagonia | shoes: Nike Pesto

The last 4 photos were taken on the same day at Sunrise.

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