Today’s post is going to be a full review of The Frankie Shop, the current IT girl fashion brand on Instagram. You can have a peek at their website, here, and their Instagram, here.

About The Frankie Shop
As usual, in any Brand Focus posts, this section will include a brief history and overview of the brand/shop.

The Frankie Shop offers high-end fashion clothes for women. According to my Google search results, I’ve visited it many times recently. But really, I am obsessed with them. Their stuff has a French cool-girl vibe, lots of basics with a twist, definitely my style! Frankie Shop has a brick-and-mortar shop in New York and one in Paris.They are known as having ‘unfussy, minimal, and wallet-conscious style’.

Last time I was in New York, I made a quick stop to see what the shop was about per recommendation of my blogger friend based in NYC, Yealim from andbibi. After following their brand for a couple of years, I would say my first impression of the shop was underwhelmed. I did not buy anything and left without making any conversation since the girls seemed occupied. Upon the quick inspection of the store and labels they carried, I spied a few Korean labels in some of the blazers, felt the fabrics, and thought that they wouldn’t look as great nor last as long. I went home and am now still fantasizing about having at least a piece from the Frankie Shop in my wardrobe. It’s weird what Instagram and an account with a cool vibe and good styling on photos can do to you!

They have recently added Nanushka, another blogger fashion brand that I am obsessed with and wish that I could afford something from them one day. Very similar effortless style combining function with flair aka what the Frankie Shop carries. A list of a few famous designers they offer is Rachel Comey, Caron Callahan, Karen Walker, LOQ, and a mix of international brands from Australia, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, and more.

One day as I was scrolling their IG-stories as they announced the restock, I immediately added this Horn Button Khaki Trench Coat in my cart. It was under the $200 mark, not too expensive for a trench coat looking this cool but not cheap either.

About the Horn Button Khaki Trench Coat

The Frankie Shop has quite a good selection of oversized blazers and cool looking trousers, but I’ve decided on a trench coat. Main reason is because I’ve been on the hunt for an oversized one like this for awhile. It arrives quickly from their shop in New York. Again, another moment of feeling underwhelmed once I see the brand label and fabric. The cotton fabric feels cheap and not the best fabric I’ve seen obviously. I’ve googled Kiki Love, the label of the trench, and all I’ve got is a Korean website that sells clothes. Language is Korean, assuming it’s exclusive to only Korean customers.

This trench has a relaxed fit, comes with oversized collar lapels, buttoned cuffs, and shoulder epaulettes. There are 2 front pockets as well as a removable belt. The rectangular buckle is made of a cheap lightweight plastic that quickly broke on day 2 of me wearing it. Besides all of these kinks, I love how the trench fits and drapes on me, and I can wear any basic outfits and feel badass with this trench on. I might have to find a way to fix this buckle by buying another one and sewing it back on one day.

OUTFIT:  T-shirt: EVERLANE | pants: UNIQLO | heels: ZARA | sunglasses: LE SPECS | all gold jewelry: MEJURI (gifted)

Will I repurchase from the Frankie Shop again?


Unless I could afford Nanushka pieces or would have a chance to actually shop at their stores again, then it’s a maybe. I also really love LOQ (an LA-based shoe brand), but I’d rather buy their shoes from Bloomingdale’s or LOQ website. Garmentory also pulls inventory from many Indie-boutiques, and I know I can search for better deals there. One thing I really wish that the Frankie Shop would declare the names of the international designers or labels in the product description. Yes, it might be because they want to keep it a bit more exclusive and harder to find, but don’t you think it would give other designers proper credit. Regardless, I am a big fan, and I will check back their shop from time to time to see which pieces they have and admire their styling from afar.

It’s not worth the money (talking about this trench coat), at least at this point in my life as I’d much rather save and spend on an Acne trench coat, bigger brand, and much better quality pieces.


I hope this review is helpful and that you’ve learned a bit more about the Frankie Shop! Let me know what you think and whether you would purchase from them. Or if you have, what is your opinion about this Instagram-famous ‘IT’ girl shop? Have a productive work week!