As the weather is getting warmer, I know that many of you guys, myself included, are planning for travels and outdoor adventures. I’ve already put away all of the winter layers and heavy boots and switched things out to lighter pieces. 

If you’re looking to buy a pair of sandals that are versatile enough to wear around town and straight to trails, let me suggest the Astoria West sandals from one of my favorite Portland-based brands KEEN. So today’s blog post is my thorough review, and I hope it is helpful.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored. I’m a Keen affiliate, and that means if you purchase from my link, HERE, I will be able to earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Shoes featured are gifted as a part of our Instagram collaboration, HERE

Women’s Astoria West Sandal


  • Upper: contains recycled PET plastic bottles

  • Outsole: non-marking rubber outsole

  • Midsole: EVA, lightweight cushioning

  • Quick-dry lining

  • Insole: EVA with arch support


  • Bungee cord and lace-lock system: recycled PET plastic 

  • Aquagrip rubber with Aqua Stop zonal siping 

  • Stability shank 

  • Contoured arch 

  • Slip-on design


KEEN water sandals are machine washable. Use a small amount of detergent, wash on a gentle cycle, and air dry.

I have never machine washed them but have hand washed and let them air dry multiple times. I just use an old tooth brush to get rid of the dirt on the laces with some detergent and rinse it in the bath tub. Then I’d lean them standing in the bath tub and let them air dry.

Sizing & Fit

The Astoria West runs true to size. Mine is 7.5. I have flat feet, and these hug my feet so well.

Personally, I think these do require some break-in period, but after a few wears, they get softer and very comfortable. I love the thick stretchy straps that fit and feel secure on. They don’t ever fall off my feet and can stretch out enough to fit a pair of thick ankled socks (those that I wear under hiking boots, first outfit shown below). The insoles are quite cushiony, and I can walk around in these all day.

My Review

I’ve worn my Astoria West sandals really everywhere. They’re comfortable, cute, and practical. I wear these as my errand shoes and would pack for nature trips.

Note that these are great as water shoes, but they will take a bit of time to dry. Perhaps pack along a pair of flip flop to help dry your feet and let the shoes dry in the car. I’ve worn these on kayaking trips and crossed streams and rivers, and they’re great.

I don’t recommend wearing these on long hikes. The Astoria West sandals are meant for city walking and lighter hikes (trails that are less than 3 miles). With hiking socks, you can really get away and can hike further since the socks will help to add extra cushioning. My friend borrowed these and wore them with a pair of hiking socks on an 8-mile fall hike once, and she didn’t complain a thing. 

I packed the Astoria West on my Arizona/New Mexico road trip and wore them with socks most of the time outside in the desert. They ended up being so comfortable, and they did a good job at keeping desert sand and dirt away while keeping my feet clean and protected from the cactus spines and spikes.

Lastly, I’m a kicker, and I appreciate the rubber toe box because they definitely have saved me on many occasions while exploring the outdoors.

Styling tips

When it comes to natural recreational activities, there are some rules but as long as you stay comfortable and safe, you can dress however you’d like using whatever you’ve already had in your closet. To me personally, when it comes to dressing well for the outdoors, I find that the brighter and more colorful I dress, the better I look in photos and the more fun I have.

If you know me, I don’t usually like wearing socks with my shoes, but for outdoorsy occasions, I have to for safety and comfort reasons. The Astoria West sandals are one of those sandals that look equally cute with or without socks. I love playing with colors on my socks and shoes and matching them with my outfit.

These shoes are so versatile and easy to style. I love wearing an oversized linen shirt or flannel as an over-shirt and simply wear it unbuttoned on top of a tank top or sports bra and shorts in the summer. They’re super easy to just slip on and go, so you’d most likely spot me in sweatpants and casual clothes to grocery stores or local parks.

Below are 5 ways I’ve styled and actually worn the Astoria West sandals.

OUTFIT 1 – Sunrise hike to Devil’s Bridge Trail, Sedona, AZ – shoes: KEEN | shirt: LULULEMON | leggings: LULULEMON | backpack: FJALL RAVEN | socks: DARN TOUGH | blanket: RUMPL 

OUTFIT 2: sandals: KEEN | bra: GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE | shorts: PATAGONIA | sweater: thrifted 

OUTFIT 3 – Cathedral Rock, Sedona, AZ – shoes: KEEN | tank: LULULEMON | shorts: GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE

OUTFIT 4: shoes: KEEN | shirt: Glacier National Park’s gift shop | shorts: GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE | hat: PATAGONIA

OUTFIT 5 – Saguaro National Park – shoes: KEEN | hat: LULULEMON | tank & shorts: thrifted


One last thing I want to stress is to wear shoes according to what they’re meant for. The Astoria West sandals are not meant to wear as sole hiking shoes but rather a pair that you could wear around town and doing outdoorsy activities including water activities. If you’re not a fan of the rubber toe look, the Astoria West also comes in the open toe version. I also have them in the color Desert Sage/Castor Grey. I personally prefer the rubber toe box since I tend to kick my feet around a lot while walking outdoors. 

For longer hikes, I do suggest KEEN Targhee III, and I’ve written a review blog post, HERE.

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