Whenever I hear people say they’ve found something on Amazon, that instantly triggers my brain into thinking ‘Oh that must have been cheap!’ or ‘It’s gotta be super useful and neat!’. There are plenty of great finds that I’ve found over the years and still continue to repurchase until this date. This list will include 40 things that I’ve bought on Amazon that include personal items, beauty products and gadgets, travel essentials, home improvement products, and everything else in between. Have fun browsing for yourself or your special someone this holiday season! Feel free to share your favorite Amazon finds in the comment section because I’d love to try them as well!


1. COFFEA SILICON AIRPOD CHARGING CASE $9.99 – This one is an easy addition after I decided to get a pair of AirPods 2, finally! I love that it comes

2. OXO ALL PURPOSE SCRUB BRUSH $6.95 – I used to have to deep clean my bathtub with my bare hands and a towel simply because I don’t like having silicone gloves lying around the bathroom. It’s all preference I guess, but this brush has been a great addition since. I just hang it on side of the rack that holds my shower products, pretty convenient and works well at removing grime and dirt.

3. DR. COLLINS PERIO TOOTHBRUSH $9.87/pack of 3 – I love the ultra-soft bristles and the slim minimal design. Even though I’d much prefer an electric toothbrush these days, these come in handy for when my teeth and gum being extra sensitive as well as on travels.

4. MY KONJAC SPONGE $9.87 – I think this Konjac sponge is such a genius little thing that helps taking off makeup grime so well! It’s been months now, and mine still looks and works great. I love using it (wet) with a gel cleanser like this cleanser and this cleanser to do a second cleanse while I’m taking the shower. A must-have tool for my nighttime skincare routine!

5. O’KEEFFE’S HEALTHY FEET FOOT CREAM $7.06 – This foot cream has nearly 9k reviews on Amazon! I see a huge improvement in just after a few days! Bye-bye cracked feet!

6. SECHE VITE DRY FAST TOP COAT PACK OF 2 $9.40 – This is a cult favorite and many nail salon’s top choice top coat. It dries fast and gives my nails the most gorgeous shine.

7. MR. PUMICE CALLUS REMOVER $4.93 – Another salon-quality piece of tool/accessory that is essential in anyone’s shower. Highly recommend Mr. Pumice brand!

8. SPRAY BOTTLE WITH FINE MIST (FOR PLANTS) $7 – My tropical plants love a daily misting routine! This spray distributes fine mist, and it’s so fun and effective. My friend’s mom uses this to wet her hair, so I guess it’s great for any fine misting jobs!

9. VELCRO BRAND GARDEN TAPE FOR VINE SUPPORT $8 – I love using this green velcro tape to train my vining plants up their pole. It’s reusable and holds things in place! This is a must if you’re a plant parent!

10. BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O MICELLAR WATER – TRAVEL SIZE $4.99 – Bioderma micellar water is a product I’d repurchase and buy often on Amazon. I have huge bottles at home and this tiny one for travel. Too bad that the lid is securely attached, so there’s no way to reuse this product once it’s done. Hoping Bioderma will redesign and makes it removable at some point in the future.

11. KUHN RIKON SWISS PEELER 3-PACK $8.46 – I use these peelers pretty much on a regular basis. They’re so lightweight, sharp yet safe and effective to use. Make sure to get the Kuhn Rikon brand because there is a lot of lookalikes sold on Amazon, and I cannot guarantee the quality.

12. TEACOO ICE CUBE TRAY WITH LIDS $6.99 – These trays make ice cubes and are super easy to pop the ice out. I’ve had them for over a year now, and they are still in great shape.


13. MOSSIO 7-SET PACKING CUBES $15.99 – Packing cubes are such life-changers for a messy person like me! You’ll be surprised as to how much each pouch or cube can hold! I love the various sizes and the fact that they are sheer and pretty durable as well!

14. KRUPS SPICE & COFFEE ELECTRIC GRINDER $18.94 – I’ve been making an effort to make my own coffee because I spend way too much money on lattes and cappuccinos! I love picking up whole bean coffee so that I can get to use this grinder. It’s so fast and fun, plus fresh ground coffee tastes the best!

15. BIODERMA SENSIBIO MICELLAR WATER $14.90 – This stuff I call magic water! All I need are two or three cotton pads half-soaked, and it will remove my entire face of makeup. The best cotton pads are those from DAISO, $1.50 for 2 boxes of 90 pads each. They’re cheap, super soft and don’t fall apart. The best combo!

16. TOZO WIRELESS CHARGING PAD $16.99 – It’s slim, durable, and minimally black. All I need to do is let it plugged in by the iMac so that I can just conveniently charge my iphone or airpod 2 by placing it on top. The LED light will turn from green to blue signaling the device is being charged. It also comes in other colors, too!

17. DAILYFUN 1.3L STAINLESS STEEL WATERING CAN WITH LONG SPROUT $17.59 – I saw the exact same one from the brand Kikkerland in some local plant shops and even Amazon for twice as expensive. This one took a bit of time to arrive, but I was in no rush! $17 is such a steal plus it’s cute, and the long sprout is so practical!

18. MKONO WALL HANGING TEST TUBE PROPAGATION STATION $13.99 – It’s such a cool idea to propagate small cuttings. Any plant moms can relate to this!

19. MARIO BADESCU DRYING LOTION $17 – It contains salicylic acid, sulfur, and calamine. Simply dip a Q-tip to pick up the pink sulfur powder part at the bottom without disturbing the layers and dab it on top of your zits. Let dry and rinse off in the morning.

20. URPOWER PORTABLE STEAMER $19.99 – I’ve had this steamer for over 3 years now, and it’s working like day 1. It heats up the water so quickly, and the small size makes it convenient, travel-friendly, and easy to refill.

21. BALANCEFORM GOYOGA MAT $15.99 – This yoga mat is thick, lightweight, and is my favorite thing to have around my apartment. Because we have a cement floor that can be cold most times, having a yoga mat like this really comes handy for me!

22. HUMMINGBIRD GLASS STRAWS $18.99 – I love drinking my home-made smoothie out of these straws. They’re durable and super easy to clean. Highly recommend this brand!
23. ORAL-B SENSITIVE GUM CARE REPLACEMENT BRUSH HEADS PACK OF 3 $19.99 – I love that Amazon offers these brush heads in a pack, and there are deals and discounts all the time. Oral B electric toothbrush is a life-changing tool for me in recent years. The brush head spins and is small enough to clean the inner and inside part of my teeth. It will be linked under the Under $50 section below.

24. PEACH BANDS RESISTANCE SET OF 4 $14.99 – These bands come in handy for pre-workout stretch and light workout sessions at home. Plus they’re pretty cute, too!


25. BRISTOL 6 NIPPIES $25 – I don’t think these need any more explanation. Get them for you, your mom, sister, and friends and thank me later! 🙂

26. NEUTROGENA ULTRA SHEER BODY MIST SUNSCREEN BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 100+ $26.91/pack of 3 – I love this convenient spray application and the glow it gives. In the summer, I always make sure I leave a bottle in the car. It always comes in handy when I’m the least expected! Highly recommend!

27. ZTUJO FELT ORGANIZER INSERT FOR TOTE BAGS $25.66 – This organizer is perfect for office ladies who have a tote bag and like to carry everything with them.

28. MELLANNI BED SHEET SET – BRUSHED MICROFIBER $29.70 – These are silky soft, satiny, and so durable. Yes, it’s made from 100% polyester, but I’d much prefer it over scratchy cotton or linen. $30 for a 4-piece bedsheet set including a fitted/elastic sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Can’t beat that price!

29. CHEMEX CLASSIC 8-CUP COFFEE MAKER $43.21 – Chemex makes the best pour-over coffee in my opinion. I got the 8-cup size because it makes enough coffee that lasts 3 – 4 days for me. I also got a box of 100 filters, here.

30. LIFEAROUND2ANGELS BATH BOMBS SET OF 12 $26.80 – I used these bath bombs up real quick! They come in a pretty cute box with stuffing inside, and I’m sure anyone would love to receive it as gifts this holiday season! I still think Lush makes better ones, but these are so affordably cute!

31. ORAL-B RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH $39.94 – This is my current toothbrush which I’ve got for over 2 years ago. I didn’t recall paying this cheap for it, but I got it on a special deal for Black Friday. Definitely worth to invest in a newer one with more advanced technology and energy-saving feature!

32. DR. BRONNER’S PURE-CASTILLE LIQUID SOAP PEPPERMINT PACK OF 2 $29.98 – Ok, I love adding this soap to my bath. It cleans well and gives my skin a slight tingling sensation which I really love after each bath. It’s an all-purpose soap which I reach for to rinse and clean literally everything.

33. SHUN CLASSIC KNIFE BLADE SHARPENER $39.95 – This knife sharpener is a must-have for any cooks out there! I love the classic honing steel style that sharpens my blunt knives in just a few swipes.

34. STENDIG CALENDAR BY MASSIMO VIGNELLI $50 – I’ve got this wall calendar hung as a statement piece in my apartment for the past 2 years now! Crate and Barrel also sells it for $60, so I do recommend you wait a month or so into the next year before buying it.

35. NEKMIT LEATHER DESK BLOTTER PAD FOR KEYBOARD AND MOUSE $24.99 – I think this will make a great gift for any work-from-home people or gamers in your life. It comes in a few sizes and is easy to clean. Great design and quality. Mine is the 24”x14”.

36. SAFEREST QUEEN SIZE WATERPROOF MATTRESS PROTECTOR $26.95 – This mattress protector is a must and so fat a great addition to my all-white bedding situation. It’s definitely gone down a lot in price, so pick one up if you’re looking for one!

37. MERCER CULINARY 8-INCH BREAD KNIFE $22 – This bread knife is incredible! Trust me and get this because your bread will thank you! It’s the best and cheapest bread knife on the internet I’ve found. 

38. SHUN 6-SLOT SLIM BAMBOO KNIFE BLOCK IN DARK BROWN $35 – I love and swear by Shun products. This knife block currently holds all of the Shun knives, the Mercer Culinary bread knife, and the Shun honing steel. 

39. LE TAUCI CREAM WHITE PLANT POTS WITH DRAINAGE HOLES AND SAUCERS 4 INCH, 5.5 INCHES, AND 6.6 INCHES – SET OF 3 $29 – I love this set of planters! They’re so chic, and the quality is great! 

40. WISE OWL OUTFITTERS HAMMOCK CAMPING DOUBLE $40 – This hammock has been a fun thing I like to pack along on road trips and campaign trips. All you need are two trees and some time to relax.

41. AUKEY USB C POWER BANK PORTABLE CHARGER $36 – My partner and I use this exact same portable charger for all of our travels, and we have purchased 3 of these over the years. They are a bit heavy, but I like that they’re slim and universal. There are 3 USB ports, and I love that I can even charge my laptop with this!

UNDER $150

42. OVERFLOW INDUSTRIAL PIPES 1 INCH PACK OF 5 $67.36 – I’ve recently built a clothing rack from these industrial pipes, and it’s huge! These 1”x6” pipes are great to build the legs of the rack, and these connectors sold in a combo pack which consists of the tee and elbow-shaped ones. The possibilities are endless when it comes to building things from industrial pipes like this. Make sure to keep in mind that each connector will ass 3-4 into the length as well.

43. DELSEY PARIS HELIUM AERO LUGGAGE $113.39 – I’m pretty sure mine is the international travel-friendly version 19”. It’s durable and sturdy, no complaints from me!

44. SHUN CLASSIC 8” KNIFE $149.95 – We have this knife to cut fish and slice thin pieces of beef. It’s like slicing through butter, Shun means a food’s peak of ripeness in Japanese. It’s a piece of art if you’d ever ask me!

45. ZINUS MEMORY FOAM QUEEN MATTRESS $203.48 – It’s my current mattress, and I think it’s great for its price! I remembered it came in a tight-air sealed bag in a box.

46. ZINUS 6 INCH LOW PROFILE BED FRAME WITH WOODEN SLATS $112.31 – Yes, it’s also a queen bedframe! I love a lowe-profile bed, aesthetically casual and no-fuss really!

47. SONGMICS INDUSTRIAL PIPE CLOTHING RACK $89.99 – I have this rack on the left side of my bed in the bedroom. It’s got the spinning wheels which are super to move around and has great size, perfect for what I need!

48. LEVOIT Humidifier 4L 40 HOURS $58 – I have this humidifier for my plants. It’s been great, and my tropical plants love the extra humidity. I have it plugged into the KASA smart plug and schedule the time so that it’s on in between the time that I’m away. My small plant collection appreciates the extra humidity. For the future, I’ll totally get the 6L one.

49. LEATHERMAN REBAR MULTITOOL WITH LEATHER SHEATH $70 – I have this multitool with me on all of my road trips, and it is such a handy thing to have. I use the scissors and knife the most! Highly recommend this if you’re looking into building your own camping kit.

50. PETZL ACTIK CORE HEADLAMP 450 LUMENS RECHARGEABLE WITH CORE BATTERY IN BLACK $70 – My partner and I both have these! They come in handy for later fall hikes when the sun sets early. They’re bright, compact, and lightweight. 

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