Hello and welcome back! As you can tell from the title, I am featuring some of my absolute favorite Amazon purchases in today’s blog post. This time it is the beauty edition, and I’m hoping to do more of this in the future covering other topics as well. Thank God for Amazon Prime!

1. WELEDA Skin Food Hand Cream

This Weleda skin food was an instant favorite of mine. I might be bias but anything Into The Gloss recommends, I buy and love! If you don’t know what Into The Gloss is, you might want to check them out asap as they’re my favorite destination for all thing beauty and just overall coolness on the internet. They posted their top 25 can’t- go-wrong products of 2018, and this green number made it to the list, read it here. It was available on Amazon, so I got to have it the next day. That’s the perk of living in Seattle, you know?! And as expected, it has become my staple to use on my hands before bed ever since. I use it to spot treat any dry parts of my body. I know people even use it on the face and mix it with oil to thin out the texture. It is quite thick and does not spread as easily compared to regular lotions out there, so I’m a little hesitant to put it on my face. Anyways, I really love its herbal calming scent.

Add it to your Amazon order asap if you’ve been on a hunt for a natural effective hand cream. Weleda has been around since 1926, as long as your grandma’s age. So they must have got something right!


I live for this Bioderma sensibio H2O micellar water. It gets so hyped up for a good reason. It cleans my makeup so well yet does not strip my skin. I typically use about two cotton pads, soak them with a generous amount of this magical water, and wipe my face and eye makeup off in just a few swipes. On heavy makeup days, I double cleanse my skin with an oil-based makeup remover and then a water-based cleanser. But on days that I don’t have lots of makeup on, this will do. It is so gentle and does the job so well. I’d like to dispense a small amount and always make sure to include it in my travel bag every time. Clean skin prior to bed, in my opinion, is absolutely important! It helps other good stuff like serum, essence, oil, and moisturizer penetrate much better. I highly suggest and would continue to purchase!!!


If you have not heard or used Dr. Bronner’s soap, you’re really missing out! It currently has almost 4k reviews on Amazon and counting. This 18-in-1 multi-purpose soap is truly magical as it can be used endless ways. I sometimes quirt a good amount of the soap in a tub of hot water, and it leaves my skin feel so tingling and refreshing afterward. I can feel that the dead skin would come off in chunks as I shower it off. I even use it to take off my makeup in the shower with the help of this Konjac sponge. I know lots of people bring it to camping and traveling. They use to clean everything with it, from pots and pans to their bodies. And I absolutely recommend you to add it into your cabinet or shower just in case one of your cleaning agents runs out. It is really a lifesaver!


These demi wispie lashes are my favorite and the only kind of lashes I’ve been using for years.

I’m quite lazy when it comes to wearing fake lashes since it’s an extra step extra effort. I’d much prefer an extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning than waking up an hour early to beat my face with lots of makeup!

Individual lash extension is expensive, and I just cannot register how much money I would have had to spend to look that extra all the time. I’ve had it done twice before, so I know how tiring and costly it is! I also ordered some thick mink lashes and immediately returned them because they looked too scary from just looking at them sitting in the box. They looked so great in other people’s eyes but would have made me look like a drag queen, to be honest!

I then kind of stop exploring this side of the beauty industry and stick with Ardell. They’re perfect to have around, especially on days that I shoot close-up photos of my face. I’d like to wear them on event days, or sometimes on the weekend when I want to feel extra glam for no particular reason. 

I use this lash glue to apply them with, and they’re really a great fail-safe option for me and my Asian eyes.


If you wear makeup or any sorts of face products with some coverage on a daily like me, you’d understand the pain of removing everything at the end of the day.

Before discovering these microfiber face clothsI used to rub my face all over the body towel and make it dirty with leftover makeup. Yes, I know that sounds bad, but you’ll be surprised at how much makeup is still left on your face.

I find makeup remover wipes are expensive, so I often reach for an oil or water-based makeup remover or a micelle water option. I also wash my face again while in the shower, and it always surprises me how much makeup still remains. 

Trust me, it gets me every time when seeing how much makeup I would have missed if I didn’t use this face cloth! I use it right after the shower to wipe my face, especially to get the hairlines and neck clean. I might do a night skincare routine in a near future and demonstrate this step better. You should have already added this to your Amazon cart and have it ready until then!


I was on a search for a gentle mouth wash to use for a while, and my wisom tooth extraction really gave me a push to start incorporating this step into my oral hygiene routine.

Is it a beauty-related product? Yes, it is!

I found this Therabreath oral rinse on Amazon and immediately purchased it because of the reviews. My teeth are really sensitive, so I avoid anything that is heavily scented that can potentially irritate my teeth. It is not the most refreshing mouth wash out there, in fact, it is a mild mint and kinda weird tasting but I don’t mind it. It comes in pairs, and the bottles are huge. They last me for a while!

This and a tongue scraper have really been my must-haves for everyone’s oral routine.



I always say yes to opportunities to try out beauty products, especially when they don’t really cost a fortune. I trust the big brands who make quality stuff but also like to try alternatives once in a while. Morphe is one of the affordable makeup brands out there that I hear the recommendation to not try it. Morphe is cheap and cheerful but is very known for its brushes. They do a few very successful collaborations with many makeup Youtubers I know, and I was intrigued for the longest time.

And I finally bought this famous M439 foundation brush due to its hyped reviews. I replaced my flat Sigma kabuki brush with this, and I have not put it down since. On days that I don’t have time to wet my BeautyBlender to tap and blend, I’d reach for this brush. An din just a few swipe, my foundation is blended in, so quickly and seamlessly. It is currently sold out on Amazon, but Ulta still has it in stock, here. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Are you a Morphe fan?


This foot cream is amazing!!! I bought this for my boyfriend’s cracked heels, but I ended up using it more often than him. Winter is sure harsh on our skin, so having this jar by the bedside is so convenient. I’d like to keep some sort of moisturizing products nearby to apply before I go to sleep, such as: lip balm, hand cream, and this foot cream! I bought it after reading so many people said it healed their skin, even on people with the hardest working hands (or feet!). There’s the hand cream version from the same brand I’m pretty sure, but I purposely bought this foot cream because there are not a lot of products like this out there. I don’t like to wrap my feet in socks or walk around the house with slippery feet. And this stuff absorbs into the skin so quickly! It really moisturizes and heals the most dry and cracked skin (aka my boyfriend’s heels). It is amazing!


You can never go wrong with sheet masks. They’re great to have plenty around the house or great as gifts this holiday season. Tonymoly is a Korean beauty brand, so you know it’s good. They are sold in a 10-pack bundle on Amazon, so cheap and easy to just purchase and stock up! I’ve used up pretty much the whole 10 packs and tried all of the scents. To be honest, I barely noticed the differences in each scent. I use sheet masks on days that my skin feels dry and irritated, they all leave my skin feeling revitalized and fresh. I’ve seen Urban Outfitters selling these individually for like $3 a mask, and hell no! So make sure you stay prepared and have these available at all times just in case! Masking is also a fun idea to do when you have friends over. I made my boyfriend do it with me once in a while, and it’s fun! Make sure to wipe your neck when you’re done because your neck deserves love too!


I use this brush to blend under-eye concealer, and it works so well that that specific job! I’m currently using Tarte Shape Tape, and it’s a full coverage concealer. It’s thick, so this brush has done an amazing job in blending it and making my under-eye areas covered yet natural-looking. It’s a stippling brush, so it would sheer out thick products making them look so effortless and natural on the skin. The brush is small, so it is good to get in the corners of the face, such as the under-eyes, the sides of the nose, and the contour lines under the cheekbones. Funny how I used to watch a lot of Sam and Nic’s videos on Youtube back in the day, and I didn’t know how it took me this long to finally bought their brushes. I’m tempted to add a few more brushes as well as the miracle complexion sponge as they’re all so affordable.


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Thanks for reading and hope you will give some of them a try! Also, feel free to share your best Amazon finds in the comment section below as I’d love to check it out! Have a great one.