February 10, 2022


By An Trieu


Founded in 2016, Avocado is a sustainable mattress brand based in Hoboken, New Jersey. They make mattresses, pillows, and bedding in their manufacture in LA, California.

AVOCADO'S Green Mattress

– Spring Mattress  - Size Queen ($1599)  - Additional Pillow Top ($500)  – 1-year sleep trial – 25-year guarantee – Made in Los Angeles – Free shipping – Delivered in a box

Green Mattress SPECS

- 100% GOLS certified organic  latex, GOTS certified organic wool, & GOTS certified organic cotton - 1,414 pocketed support coils arranged in 5 zones- Needle-tufted by hand, not glued.

Every mattress at Avocado is “made fresh per order,” so the mattress will take a longer time to arrive. It's part of how AVOCADO can keep their production sustainable and less waste

Mattress delivered after 2 weeks

After a day of letting it fully expand. It’s a firm but quite bouncy mattress. The Pillowtop addition definitely adds more softness, and I'm happy with it.

Review after 7 Months

No night sweat. No back, hip, or shoulder pain. It feels sturdy, supportive, and soft. I'm a back sleeper, and the AVOCADO's Molded Latex Pillow in a silk pillowcase makes it a perfect combo.

I got the AVOCADO Green Mattress late June of 2021. I don't have any back pain or physical problems, so I cannot review if sleeping on it would help. It's by far the best mattress and pillow aka sleeping situation I've had!