7 Favorite Things in My Brooklyn Apartment

By An Trieu

September 2, 2022

Brooklinen Luxe Sheets

The most comfortable and softest cotton sheets I own. Use code STYLEANDSENSES20 for $20 off $100 purchase.


Floyd Bed Frame


One of the best bed frame designs. Made in the US. There's under-bed storage, and bed panels can be taken apart which makes it renter friendly!

Floyd Sectional Sofa


I have the 2-piece sectional in the Off-white color. More pieces can be added, and you can change its orientation however best fits your space.


Minimal, clean, and sturdy steel rack design that looks good in any rooms for any purposes. Tap below to shop:


Floor mirror (32"X76") with clean, modern, and minimal design. Mine is the white aluminum frame finish. Tap below to shop:

Bass Grey  Handloomed Rug


Subtle two-toned rug. It comes in many different sizes, and the 5'x8' fits in my small living room.  Tap below to shop:

Tap below to read more in details about the gallery wall project: