SUMMIT One Vanderbilt NYC Review

By An Trieu | January 7, 2022

SUMMIT  One Vanderbilt

A new and highly trafficked observation deck located in Midtown east of Manhattan, New York. 

AIR By Kenzo Digital

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is also a fully immersive and multisensory experience through city and nature with resonance, mirror reflection, and flashing lights.

The experience includes Transcendence 1, Reflect, Affinity, Transcendence 2, and Unity. Each has interactive elements that are supposed to be 'challenging, eye-opening, and euphoric.'

What to Wear

MASK IS REQUIRED. Opt for pants and comfortable shoes. You’ll also be given shoe covers to protect the glass and mirrored floors. On sunny days, bring sunglasses.


LEVITATION Two glass ledges suspended 1,063 feet above Madison Avenue. ASCENT  The outdoor Elevator experience that takes you to the upper level of the One Vanderbilt building.

Lastly, Après – A bar lounge with food, a revolving door that leads outside to the terrace, gift shop, and option to purchase photos.


Chaotic check-in. Too many people squeezed in such tight space. It was nearly impossible to grab a photo without people in it. Sound played was not pleasant. 

BIG views regardless of the weather. I'd go again if family and friends are in town. Sunset would be ideal!