Floyd's Two-Piece Sectional Sofa - One Year Review

By An Trieu

October 23, 2022

About Floyd's Sectional Sofa

Designed for the modern home with the minimal aesthetic, deep seat, and performance fabric. Its modular design makes it easy to change configuration.

My Two-Piece Sectional:

Left Side Chaise & Right End Color: Off-White Material: 100% polyester


Its modularity makes it renter and small space friendly. I know I can easily add more to make it bigger and change out the configuration however I like.

I also love how deep the seat is (26.5"). The minimal and clean design fits with my design aesthetic, and the cushion looks stiff but has enough give to make it comfortable.


With some wears, the sofa doesn't stay up as nicely look-wise. I've noticed dark denim transfer on the fabric, and the seams at the edges get misaligned as the cushion gets softened underneath.

As you can see, there's puckering at the seams, and some corners don't lign up. 


I'm happy with the overall appearance after a year. Floyd offers quality pieces at a great price point and minimal design that works with many modern spaces.