Tips for Buying and Caring for Fine Jewelry

By An Trieu

January 13, 2022

Invest in Fine Jewelry


Fine Jewelry are made of solid gold, sterling silver, platinum, and other precious metals. Gold vermeil, made from sterling silver with gold coating, is a cheaper alternative.

There are a lot of brands that offer great quality fine jewelry for the every day and occasions. Brands I recommend are Aurate New York, Mejuri, and GLDN.

Fine Jewelry Brands


Avoid Fashion Jewelry


Fashion or Costume Jewelry are made from brass, copper, or aluminum, and they bend, tarnish, and loose integrity very fast. Avoid them!

Quality vs. Quantity


Start with quality pieces and slowly build your collection from there. Fine jewelry is more expensive, but they're so worth it in the long run. Materials matter.

Stick with Classic Styles


Studs and hoops are classic options for earrings. For necklaces, chains are popular, and you can add a pendant or charm for a personal touch.

Learn the Art of Stacking


Start with a statement piece and layer thin and delicate pieces on top. Keep in mind lengths, shapes, and finishes. You can stack earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Mix and Match


Mixed metals work depending on what look you're going for. Keep it simple and comfortable!

Clean Your Jewelry


Occasionally wipe your jewelry using a microfiber (comes with any fine jewelry purchase.) Gently wipe or pinch the fabric and pull to wipe away any tarnishing or spots.

Storage Tip


Store your jewelry in a dry place and away from air and sun exposure. Put away pieces that you don't reach for often in storage pouches with a storage strip inside.

Have Fun!


Once you have a basic collection and know how to care for your jewelry, start incorporating pearls, diamond, gemstones, and colored pieces. It's all in the details!