Best Location to View Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC 2022

By An Trieu

March 27, 2022


For spring of 2022, Washington DC's peak bloom reached on March 21, and the bloom will last through the last week of March and perhaps up until the first week of April.

National Mall Tidal Basin

Iconic public landscape with architecture and historic monuments that cherish and celebrate American values.

Best location that cherry blossoms are at their heaviest concentration is between Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and Martin Luther King at National Mall's Tidal Basin.

The flowering cherry trees that encircle the Basin represent America’s friendship with Japan. The planting began in 1912.


The Martin Luther King Memorial is located at the intersection of Independence Avenue and West Basin Drive SW in Washington, DC.

It's kids and family friendly, so do plan for a full day out. Wear comfortable shoes, bring a layer, and go for a stroll or have a picnic underneath these beautiful flowering trees.

how long will it last?

How long the cherry blossoms remain out depends heavily on weather conditions. In ideal conditions are cool, dry, and calm, so watch for local weather forecast.

Best time is always around sunrise or sunset (if the sun is out.) Otherwise, it's a pretty sight to see regardless of what time in the day it is.

Remember to stop and enjoy the views. Don't break the branches. Pick up your trash. Take a lot of photos. Don't forget to read up on the history while you're there.